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How Clear Aligner Therapy Works

How Clear Aligner Therapy Works

Clear aligner therapy is a set of dental procedures designed to move teeth orthodontically. The aligner trays gradually enhance appearance and function by applying consistent pressure to the teeth. This triggers osteoclastic & osteoblastic activity.

Clear aligners help reshape teeth and keep them rooted in new positions. Instead of using cumbersome braces or wires, your dentist can fit the aligners to enhance your smile.

Clear Aligner Therapy at Driftwood Dental Studio in Mukilteo

How are Clear Aligners Different than Other Orthodontic Options / Traditional Braces?

There are vast differences between clear aligners and traditional braces. For most dental patients, the main difference is appearance. As the name suggests, clear aligners are clear plastic trays that fit discreetly and snugly onto your teeth. On the hand, other orthodontic options are made from visible steel brackets.

The difference in materials also makes the aligner trays more comfortable than traditional braces. Typically, traditional braces have sharp brackets and wires that irritate the mouth’s soft tissues.

Besides the comfortable fit and outstanding appearance, aligner trays make oral hygiene easier. Since clear aligners pop onto teeth easily, removing them before meals and brushing is straightforward. The ability to remove the trays is also considered an advantage.

How exactly do Clear Aligners Work / What Can They Fix

Like other orthodontic options, clear aligners aim to reposition teeth. Before the treatment, your orthodontist will look at your detailed history and take x-rays, digital scans, and photographs of your teeth. This information helps your dentist to work with the aligner software to design your smile and prepare for the aligner treatment process.

The teeth alignment treatment method focuses on which tooth moves where and in what order, thus guiding your teeth into the desired positions. It is essential to understand that gradual movement occurs to all teeth, not only on the ones visible when you smile.

How Long Does the Process Typically Take?

The process of aligning teeth can be quite complex and lengthy. Depending on the severity of the dental issues, it could take you from 10-24 months to complete the treatment.

However, this may take longer if the malformation or displacement is more significant. Besides, aligners should be worn for at least 20 hours daily and even more in severe cases. Following your dentist’s instructions can help ensure the process doesn’t take longer than expected.

Reasons You Could be a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners/ Are they Right for You?

Clear aligner therapy may be ideal for you if you need minor or moderate changes to your teeth. Patients with severe orthodontic conditions may not be able to get the results they need with clear aligners.

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When exploring cosmetic dentistry options to fix teeth alignment issues, get in touch with a dentist from Driftwood Dental Studio. A consultation with us will help you learn if clear aligner therapy is right for you. If it’s not, we are prepared to ensure you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

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