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The Cost of Dental Bonding: How Much Will I Really Pay?

The Cost of Dental Bonding: How Much Will I Really Pay?

This cosmetic dentistry procedure offers patients a great way to improve the appearance of their teeth and make them look brighter, whiter, and straighter. But how much does it cost? The answer to this question depends on several factors. 

In this article from Driftwood Dental Studio, we’ll discuss what these factors are and how they influence the price of dental bonding. 

Dental Bonding at Driftwood Dental Studio

Complexity of the Procedure 

Generally speaking, more complex dental bonding procedures will cost more than simpler ones. For example, if your dentist needs to remove any decay or damaged enamel before they begin bonding your tooth, then that will add to the overall cost. Likewise, if there are any additional steps or cosmetic dentistry procedures or treatments needed, then they’ll also need to be taken into account when determining your final bill. 

Number and Location of Teeth

The number of teeth being worked on will also impact your overall cost. For instance, if you’re having multiple teeth treated at once then that could potentially increase your total price tag since it will require more time and materials from your dentist. 

Additionally, certain locations in your mouth may be more difficult to reach than others. If that’s the case with any of your teeth, then it may be necessary for them to use specialized tools or techniques which would also add to their expenses as well as yours. 

Experience & Qualifications of Dentist or Dental Professional 

More experienced and qualified dentists are typically more expensive than their less experienced counterparts because they have developed their skills over many years and are able to provide better quality. As such, if you want top-notch service from someone who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to performing dental procedures, then you should expect to pay extra for it. 

However, it's worth noting that although experienced dentists may charge a bit more for their services, they never take advantage of their clients with unfair prices or ridiculous estimates. Reputable and responsible professionals understand the importance of providing quality care at a reasonable cost.

Number & Type of Visits Required for Dental Bonding 

Generally, dental bonding is done in one visit. However, there are special cases where multiple visits may be required to complete the procedure. If that’s the case for you, then you can expect to pay more than someone who only needs one visit. 

The Type of Dental Bonding

There are generally two types of dental bonding techniques; adhesive bonding and direct composite bonding. 

  • Adhesive bonding involves the use of specialized dental material that acts as a glue of sorts, attaching specialized veneers to your teeth. 
  • Direct composite bonding involves applying thin layers of resin-based material directly over the surface of the tooth and molding it into shape before being hardened off with a special light. This type of dental bonding is used when cavities, chips, or gaps in the teeth need filling. 

Generally, adhesive bonding is more durable and therefore more expensive than direct composite bonding.

Now that you have a better understanding of how much it costs to get dental bonding, it's time to start searching for the right dental bonding specialist for you. If you're in Mukilteo, WA, look no further than Driftwood Dental Studio. Our dental bonding specialists led by Dr. Rebecca Butler, offer top-notch services and will make sure your smile stays sparkling! Contact us today. 

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